Volvo XC90

Volvo’s legendarily safe, spacious and useful seven-seat SUV, given a nut-and-bolt re-boot. One major principle remains: the engine is transversely mounted, and so a huge proportion of its length can be given over to the interior. More than ever this time, because they didn’t leave space for a V8 option. Pretty well every part is fresh, even the redesigned Volvo badge.
The Scandinavian-modern design is visually beautiful, and its execution quality pretty high too. The other wow factor comes from the all-new infotainment system which resides in a responsive tablet that takes up most of the centre dash. Its graphics are stylish, resolution high and menus remarkably intuitive. You can swipe, pinch and zoom with smooth ease.
For family travel, there’s little argument with the three row seat design: the first two rows have five seats that all recline and slide. The third row is more than OK for teens, and behind that is the size of boot you’d find on a mid-size hatch. Extend it by folding one to five of the back seats.
Overall the Volvo XC90 is so well-targeted as a big family wagon: lovely to sit in, safe, very versatile and not too costly to own.
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