The new Volkswagen Polo

After 14 million sales and five previous generations, 2017 sees the introduction of this all-new Volkswagen Polo.
At the original unveil, Volkswagen was talking up how much better the new Polo would be to drive, but in the versions we’ve sampled so far it’s more competent than exciting. Typical MQB, basically.
The controls are light and disappointingly vague – with none of the joie de vivre of the benchmark-setting previous-generation Fiesta, for example. To be fair, the latest Fiesta has become ‘more mature’ as well, but there’s little here that so far particularly distinguishes the Polo from the platform-sharing Seat Ibiza.
The exact UK engine line-up is still to be confirmed, but a huge 75% buyers are expected to choose the 94bhp 1.0-litre TSI turbo petrol. This is ok if you don’t mind the thrashy three-cylinder thrum that goes with wringing it out – 0-62mph takes 10.8sec – but we’d upgrade to the 113bhp variant given the funds.
This certainly makes a strong statement. Every Polo we tried on the launch had a two-tone dashboard and a different colour dashpad. Somehow it isn’t too much, though we’re not sure how well the lighter plastics will fare long-term – the daily grime, so to speak, will quickly start to show on them, especially around the door handles.
Quality is good rather than outstanding. Everything you’re likely to regularly touch has been neatly attended to, with plush plastics and padding, but there are some cheaper materials in other areas and one or two of the panel gaps on the test cars were surprisingly revealing.
As a conclusion, If you want sharp looks, plenty of tech and an undemanding driving experience crossed with a solid gold (ok, now slightly tarnished) image and lots of space (for a supermini), the new VW Polo is going to be tough to beat. If there is pressure, it isn’t showing.
This is a quality effort – UK prices aren’t confirmed, but it’s expected to start around £13,500. That’s a little more than the old car but with added equipment. The value for money equation checks out.
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