Volvo XC60

The original XC60 (’08-16) was a big hit and even picked up our SUV of the Year award. However, this latest model is up against much tougher competition than its predecessor, the best of which includes the Audi Q5 and the Land Rover Discovery Sport.

There’s no doubting the showroom appeal of the XC60’s Sensus infotainment system. The giant 9.0in touchscreen is wonderfully crisp and bright and, rather unusually, is set into the dashboard in portrait rather than landscape orientation.

However, the fact it’s a touchscreen means you have to accurately press icons, some of which are rather small, and swipe between the various menus. This is fine when you’re stationary, but can be both annoying and distracting while you’re driving. That’s the main reason that other premium manufacturers, such as Audi and BMW, have instead opted for a more user-friendly rotary dial controller between the front seats.

You wouldn’t expect to have issues fitting in the front of such a big car, and you won’t, even if you’re really tall. The front seats slide back a long way to accommodate those unusually long in the leg, and there’s loads of head room, too, even if you decide to go for the optional panoramic glass roof.

In the back a Land Rover Discovery Sport might offer an extra centimetre of space here and there over the XC60, but still, even very tall folk will still appreciate how much knee and head room the Volvo offers. And head room remains impressive even if you decide to add the optional panoramic glass roof, which isn’t the case in some of its competitors.

Overall, the Volvo XC60 is not the best large SUV to drive, but being classy inside, rommy and well equipped it’s still a strong option.

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