Nissan Navara

Despite their rudimentary construction, pick-ups remain a common sight on our roads. They’re classed as light commercial vehicles (LCVs) for tax purposes, so are a cheaper alternative to traditional large SUV company cars. Nissan’s Navara has proved a popular pick-up, but it was recently given an overhaul, including new rear suspension and a more car-like interior.

It’s available with two engine options; a single-turbo 2.3 diesel or a more powerful twin-turbo unit, and there are five trim levels to pick from. There’s also the choice of a King Cab layout or five-seat Double Cab. The latter will be the biggest seller by far.

The Navara is flawed to drive, which is no surprise given the old-school ladder chassis that lies beneath its heavy body, and no pick-up is as good to drive as a traditional large SUV.

The driver sits quite high, even in the seat’s lowest setting, but there’s enough wheel adjustment in either case to ensure it doesn’t interfere. In manual models, the pedals line up nicely with the driver’s seat, so there’s no need to sit at an awkward angle for hours on end over a long journey.

The Navara offers decent forward visibility, but a restricted view out of its rear screen. It makes up for that in some ways by having large door mirrors, and Acenta+ models and higher get a reversing camera thrown in.

Sitting in the front seats, two tall adults get ample head and leg room. Moving to the backs of its double cab, again, two adults will stay comfortable on a long journey; there’s good head, leg and shoulder room although its rear floor is slightly raised. Even so, it’s bigger than a Mitsubishi L200 in the back.

As a conclusion,The Nissan Navara is relatively comfortable and comes with a reasonable level of kit, but it’s not much fun to drive.

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