Mercedes E Class 2017

It’s the fifth generation of the car Mercedes bigwigs acknowledge as the heart of the company.Although it looks very much like a larger C-Class or smaller S-Class, worryingly so depending on your point of view, the latest E-Class is a stellar technological statement.
It’s also bigger and roomier than the previous model, but uses high-strength steel and aluminium in its structure to reduce weight. The big-selling axis of the range, the 220d, also gets a radical new all-alloy four-cylinder diesel engine, the upshot being a car that weighs 100kg less than the model it replaces. There’s also a 350d, with further versions to come.
The entry-level 220d makes do with conventional dials and an 8.4-inch central screen, but the big step forward is the twin-tablet display of posher models, which conjoins two 12.3-inch screens for a dramatic panorama of in-car connectivity. The steering wheel also features a pair of thumb-sized touch-sensitive pads, a novel alternative to the central rotary controller. In terms of the interfaces, graphics and overall quality, Mercedes has dramatically raised the bar with this car. Just don’t run riot with the online configurator…
As for housekeeping – space, ergonomics, user-friendliness, all the everyday stuff that matters – Merc of course gets it spot on. It’s an E-Class: we’d expect nothing else, really.
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