New Mini Hatchback

One glance says it’s the Mini: successor to the Mini, and the Mini before that. But this is no mere re-skin. The whole underneath is new, sharing rather a lot with the latest BMW 2-Series Active Tourer people carrier (yikes, yes, FWD BMWs are now upon us). Engines are all-new too, but the range structure of One, Cooper, Cooper S and Cooper SD holds no surprises.
There’s a 5-door option now, with a stretch to the body and more space in the back than you’d ever expect. Mini becomes a roomy supermini? Why, almost.
The style is really very, very Mini. The dash and screen graphics are full of design flourishes and all the cabin parts are separate rather than being integrated smoothly together. The driving position is excellent, and very distinctive – legs straight forward, upright pillars, shallow screen. Rear room remains poor in the 3-door, and the boot is deeper than it was, though if you want practicality in your small car look elsewhere. To the new 5-door, perhaps? It’s appreciably bigger in there, getting in and out is easier and even its 278-litre boot (over 30% bigger) is passable.
Still all Mini to look at, but beneath the skin there’s been a BMW-flavoured revolution.
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