Ford Fiesta 2017

The Ford Fiesta has always been a cut above its rivals to drive, and it continues to punch well above its weight for the amount of gadgets and safety technology it’s available with. There are also some fine engines to choose from, most noteworthy of which are the 1.0 litre turbo Ecoboosts.

One of the most appealing things about the Fiesta is that it combines small-car fun  with big-car sophistication, and that’s true of the way it rides. Steer clear of the larger optional alloy wheels and the Fiesta deals brilliantly with the sort of nasty sharp-edged bumps and potholes that are all too common on British backroads.

The 8.0in touchscreen that comes on Titanium models and above is bright and relatively simple to use, even if it isn’t as intuitive or as quick to respond as the one in the rival Seat Ibiza. Our only real complaint is that there are no physical shortcut buttons to make it easier to hop between functions.

The Fiesta has plenty of head room for those sitting in the front. Leg room is also good and there’s enough elbow space for two broad adults to sit comfortably.Backseats have as well plenty of room.

As a conclusion, Ford Fiesta is superb to drive,smart inside and well equipped – it’s one of the very best small cars.

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