Jeep Renegade

Are you an adventure seeker who owns a Jeep Renegade ? Have you thought about upgrading the interior of your car?
We have the best solution! We offer you a large variety of materials and colors so you can personalize the interior of your car exactly as you wish.
The covers below represent our Leather Look Collection, the leatherette used being very easy to clean and maintain as the material is 99% waterproof., so you will spend less time cleaning your car.
What other benefits you get by choosing these#covers?
-5 years warranty, no worries if something happens to the covers.
-best quality materials on the market so you can get the maximum comfort while driving.
-the TUV Certificate for airbags, because safety comes first!
-a brand new upholstery look.
Check out our page and send us a request to get more informations.


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