Nissan Micra 2017

A fresh start for the Micra. A huge step on from the dull and under-equipped old one, the new Micra has flair in its design, a raft of tech, and brings some fun to the driving. That means it’s more expensive than before, but it’s competitive with rivals it couldn’t have looked in the eye previously, such as the Polo. Lots of colour and sticker custom options are as expected in this class nowadays, though you can also spec plain shades and more sober interiors.

There’s less choice on engines – two petrols and a diesel – but they hit the spot. Transmission is five-speed manual only, and body five-door hatch only.
By supermini standards it’s a satisfying cabin to be in. The seats and driving position are fine, and the back seat and boot OK for the class, with plenty of handy storage space. The quality of the materials around the dash and furniture bears close inspection.

A big screen takes care of phone mirroring (mid-spec) or built-in nav (top-spec). There’s also a fine-value Bose stereo option that puts little speakers in the driver’s head rest. Nissan’s proud of this tech, which it has exclusive use of for a time, and justifiably so. Youthful Micra buyers will love it.

Though it’s fun to steer, the Micra also manages a reasonably placid ride for a little car. The suspension and tyres are quiet too.
A supermini with flair and fun; well-made and doesn’t forget the practical stuff.

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