The new Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe, joins the Fluent, Saloon, Kangoo all electric lineup. Based on the Clio platform, altough slightly longer and taller, resulting in an exterior making it seem a lot larger than the Clio. It has some smart touches though like the blue detailing in the head and tail lights and the blue tint to the windows while the oversized Renault badge on the front doubles as the charging points.

Inside the centre console is carried over from the Clio but there is now a TFT screen instead of dials, showing you the cars range.

Although the back seats are folding, they don’t lie flat, wich is to be expected. And then when you’re using them for passengers, legroom and headroom is decent enough.

The extra space overall, means that this boot is actually slightly larger than the Clio’s, wich is perfect if you want to transport extra items, for example your charging lead wich comes in a very handy Renault bag.

The new Renault Zeo certainly does feel spacious in the front, and elements give it a really futuristic theme. Storage is about the same as it is in the Clio so a big bottle fits in the door bin, also you got various of other places to store your everyday items.

The lack of gearbox, makes the Zoe incredibly easy to drive around town. Despite having a fairly low brake horsepower figure, the electric motor gives the car instant acceleration.

Some things that are not that good about the Zoe, is that running costs extends to the battery wich you have to rent from Renault, prices starting at 70 Pounds a month and just like other electric vehicles, the range is approximately a hundred miles wich is a bit of an issues if you have a longer journey to do. However, it only costs 3 pounds to charge up and the home charge point comes with the purchase and for those who say there are CO2 emissions associated with generating the electricity in the first place, yes you are right but a very clever formula tells that it is just 54 g/km of CO2 wich is pretty good.

Overall, the new Renault Zoe is a very good buy for those wanting an electric supermini.

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