Tesla Model S


The new Tesla Model S is a practical family car so that when you climb inside the back you will see you have plenty of space and a very luxurious interior. A very useful thing is that the seats in the back are flat so that 3 persons can fit easily and everyone gets to stay comfortable.
Moving to the trunk of the car, there is an electric tailgate and plenty of space, you can fall down the seats so that you get even more space. You also get an underfloor storage, that had underneath the electrical motor for the rear part of the car.
In the front of the car, you also get a little bit of storage and a 261 horsepower motor. The price is 130.000 Pounds. Let’s move to the interior of the car to see if it’s worth it.
The design it’s very minimalistic, the infotainment system is awesome, you got full internet connection, Google Maps with all the trafic data. You can also control all the cars functions through this as well such as the suspension and things like the summary.
Altough people say electric cars are slow, this Tesla Model S has over 600 horsepower, this car is really really fast. This cars performance, is incredbile but if you use it too fast too often, it will cause the battery to get low of course.
The car is pretty slient, the only sound you can hear clear is the sound of the tires because they are quite large. Another thing, it’s a heavy car cause it got a lot of batteries in it so it does weight down but you can still handle it pretty well.
Despite the fact that is a fast, luxurious car, it does have some annoying features, like no dorrbins anywhere in the car, having to wait to charge your car will take a little bit longer than when you simply use petrol. Thankfully, there is still plenty to like about the Model S like cruise control autopilot system will automaticallu brake accelerate and steer the car to keep it in line when you drive on the motorway.
Overall,if you can afford it, go for it and get yourself the Tesla Model S, there is nothing else like it and it will even lock itself when you walk away.
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