Ford Kuga SUV 2017

Ford has beefed up the Kuga for the facelift, fitting the same trapezoidal grille it puts on the Ford Edge SUV. There are some new lights, new rear lights.

Inside we can say the changes are similarly striking. Most parts are absolutely fine, like across the tops, the doors and across the dash.

Regarding the space,we can say Kuga has a large glove box,the door bins can hold a big bottle of water, there are a couple of cup holders and under the armrest there’s a little removable tray and two charging ports as well.

The infotainment system is better than it used to be, it gets a 4.1 inch screen but it has a lot of menus and submenus, pretty hard to navigate while driving.

In the back you get a lot of space. There is a decent amount of kneerom and headroom. You can easily fit 3 persons in the back. The confort is assured by the cupholders in the armrest.

The doors open to almost 90 degrees, wich gives you a lot of space when you’re fitting a child seat for example.

Moving to the boot of the car, Kuga actually got quite a large loading space and it’s cargo electric. Driving the new Kuga it’s pretty relaxing, as it has a 6 speed manual gearbox.

The new Ford Kuga SUV 2017, is definetly still one of the best handling cars in the class. Kuga is striking to look at and sharp enough to drive.

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