Vauxhall Opel Astra

The boot capacity is a little bit below average for this class of car and there are no clever features.

The space in the back is alright, you can stretch your legs and also you get a lot of headroom. It has some decent size door bins as well.

Moving to the front of the car, you get space in the glove box, underneath the armrest and in the door bins. One of the great things about the new Astra is that the interior is so much better than before, The design has shiny plastics and the material quality has taken a step over as well.

The tehcnological equipment is on point as well, you get Bluetooth, cruise control, a 7-inch touchscreen system wich includes Apple Carplay and Android Auto so you can hook your phone to it. It includes satellite navigation and the whole system it’s pretty easy to use.

The driving experience is incredible because it is very nice and quiet, comfy and easy to drive.

On the whole, the new Astra is pretty impressive, however there are some annoying features such as no armrest in the back seat, small boot and some cheap plastics but it’s a really good to drive car and it has good value.

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