Mercedes C-Class Saloon 2017

It’s a very stylish and elegant car outside and inside the car is equally beautiful. All the materials inside are very high quality,

Regarding the space in this car, sitting in the backseat you don’t get much headroom and also the middle seat is not very comfy to sit on because the floor there is very high and occupies a lot of space.

The boot is practical enough, you can carry long items in the boot because the rear seats fold down.

The Mercedes is secure to drive, the seats are very comfortable and you get good handling.

You get high quality technology, satellite navigation and cameras.

In therms of engines, you can have petrol power, hybrid power, diesel power, it goes over 200 horsepower. You have to spend a little extra for the automatic gearbox though.

Overall, about the Mercedes C-Class, you can say that that 2.1 litre diesel engine is a bit noisy and the rear headroom is tight but it’s a very stylish quality car and so realxing to drive.

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