The new Ford Focus 2017

Starting with the boot of the car, it is the smallest in this class but you can fold down the back seats and get some extra space.

In the backseat, you get kneeroom and headroom and you can easily fit a child seat.

Moving to the front seat, the design is really nice, you get a huge glove box and also door bins.

Regarding the technology, you get a 5 inch infotainment screen, wich is not very easy to use.

It handles easy, the controls are nice as well,got great shift on the 6-speed manual and the dual clutch auto that you can get with it it’s good as well. The visibility is not very good but it’s a comfy car to drive.

In conclusion, the larger wheels look great but they do cause a lot of road noise but this car has a lot of good points, for example the Sat Nav will find the nearest restaurant by only using your voice commad . It has auto parking system wich can spot a space 40 yards away.

Overall, the boot is a little bit small for this class and the infotainment system isn’t that great but the car looks fabulous and it’s a pleasure to drive it.

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