Toyota RAV4 2017 SUV

Beginning with the interior of the car, there are some really nice materials as leatherette and Alcantara effect, but looking at the other plastics, they feel a little bit cheap but that’s ok considering that this is quite an inexpensive vehicle.

Regarding the storage, the glove box it’s a decent size, cup holders in the front, space under the armrest,the door bins are not very big but they are able to hold a big bottle.

Technology is also on point. You get a reversing camera,upgraded screen, an infotainment system wich is relatively easy to use,.

Moving to the boot, this car has the automated tailgate wich takes a lot of time to open but you can’t complain about the rest of the boot because it has massive and usable space. You also get some extra storage under the boot floor, near the spare wheel and if you want to make the boot bigger, you can fold down the back seats but you will have to go all around the car because you have no button to do that for you.

In the back seat, there is a lot of space, headroom and kneeroom, also the person in the middle can sit comfy because the floor is pretty flat and also a child seat is easy to fit.

In the driving section, you get a manual gearbox wich is nice to use but it’s a a bit noisier than say a Volkswagen Tiguan, the visibility is really good though because the dash is quite low so it’s really easy to see where the corners of the vehicle are.

Overall, it has limited drivetrain options and it’s a little bit noisy at speed but it’s a practical car and very comfy to drive.

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