Volkswagen Golf MK 7.5

The new Volkswagen Golf Mk is essentially a heavy refresh of the current Golf. It has a new set of front and rear bumpers and lights, fresh paint colors, and some new alloy wheel designs.

Going to the interior of the car, the Golf has never had an interesting lead design cabin but for the 7.5, it most certainly has. We notice a brand new infotainment system, with a larger and glossyer screen, wich is very easy to use.

Regarding the storage, you got a large glove box, drawer under the passenger seat,and door bins that pass the car by big bottle test. You also get a space under the armrest for extra storage and a couple of cup holders.

The technology is remarkable on the new 7.5 as it has front and rear parking sensors and even adaptive cruise control with city assist.

Going to the back seats, there are no changes whatsoever wich is very good news, because there’s a good amount of space. You got excellent knee room and head room, an armrest with two cup holders and it doubles up to a ski hatch as well. There is one particularly bad thing and that is the soft touch plastics arms extended into the back of the cabin so you get a scratchy plastic wich is not ideal but having said that, it is still pretty good and comfy sitting in the back.

If the fuel economy is your priority, then the diesels will make more sense. The 1.6 in particular should return around 60 MPG.

If you don’t go for really large wheels, the Golf had a very comfortable ride wich means you don’t have to spend extra for a dynamic chassis control. It is also a very relaxing car to drive because of the motorway who is quiet and hushed and also has a very good visibility wich makes it a easy to park car in town.

The new Golf does everything brilliantly. To sum up, this facelift just enhances what the Golf has always been good at and that’s being a brilliant all-rounder.

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