Ford Edge 2017 SUV

The new Ford Edge, was built for people who want an American alternative to cars like the Mercedes GLC so it’s been designed, built in America.

Its first benefit is that it’s hugely practical so this Edge has an absolutely massive boot. You got 12 Volt socket, storage under the boot floor, near the spare wheel, you can fold down the rear seats by just pressing a button and you are left with a quite flat space.

Going to the passenger seats, you have load of kneerom and headroom, also you can put your legs underneath the front seat. The middle seat is also very comfortable and a child seat is easy to fit.

Also in the backseat, you got a 12 Volt socket,you can fold down the armrest who has a cup holder.

Moving to the front, some of the materials are nice and soft but it also got some cheap plastic. Regarding the technology, you get a reversing camera, satellite navigation that brings us on the infotainment system, wich has a preety slow response though.

By buying this car, you get huge door bins, massive storage under the armrest.

It’s easy to handle, comfortable to drive and the seats are really relaxing. The visibility is not so great because it has some large blindspots.

Consider buying the Ford Edge, because it’s a big practical comfy SUV and also if you think of an upgrade for your car, check out our combinations of materials and colors at


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