Land Rover Discovery Sport

It might be badged as a Land Rover, but you can think of the new Discovery Sport as a more practical version of the Range Rover Evoque, that has seven seats.
The rear seats are not exactly built for adults but if you have kids, this is the perfect car. They have plenty of space there and they also can get comfort as well, such as face level air vents, control for the fan,USB input in the back so that they can charge their phones.
Going to the backseats, you can make a lot of space for yourself by sliding the chairs all the way back and you are left with plenty of knee room. Also, in the backseat you will find two USB inputs and a 12 Volt socket, wich is very handy.
Another thing wich is handy about this car, is that if you want to go skiing, and still carry two rear passengers, you just fall down the middle seat.
Moving forward, in the front seat you will find a large glove box and also some large front door bins, more storage in the center console and underneath the arm rest. You get two cup holders, one of which covers a secret hidey-hole.
The inside of the Land Rover Discovery Sport is sutably stylish, with a simple clean design wich follows on from that of the Range Rover Evoque and it’s packed full of the latest tech as well. It got part leather seats,cruise control, climate control, heated seats, parking sensors, automatic lights and wipers, front parking sensors.
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