The Vw Passat Estate

The Volkswagen Passat Estate is one of the best choices if you are looking for a large, practical family car.  The new model has more space than the previous one, which was already near the top of it’s class .  It feels well built (even more than the previous model)  and it has a five star overall rating from Euro NCAP.

In terms of practicality, if we take a look at the booth, it is the second in size in it’s class, topped only by the massive Skoda Superb.  There is no load lift, making loading luggage in and out of the care very easy, underneath it has  a space saver spare wheel with extra storage if needed, and you can raise and lower the booth floor. The seats split 3 ways, so if you need to carry longer items, you can just simply fold down the center part and slide the item in. If you have lots of things to carry around, you can fold all 3 parts down, creating a completely flat space making it really easy to load/unload items.

Because of the shape of the roof, there is loads of head room, even for people who are taller than average., there is also lots of leg room to spare, and you can easily fit 3 adults in the back without having to compromise their comfort. It has quick fix Isofix points,  a central armrest that folds down, and massive door bins that insure that the passengers have all the comfort they need.

In  the front you can feel that the car was built by Volkswagen, having soft touch plastics everywhere that offer a sense of quality, and if you take a look at the other materials used, you can jump to the conclusion that it’s a very well built car. The dials are practically positioned, everything looks well thought out.

The Passat is offered in a range of conservative colors that all suit the car’s premium image, but if you don’t find the color pallet satisfying of if you want to protect the seats using covers that look and feel like the original upholstery, look no further! We have got just the thing!

You can completely personalize the interior of your car using our large variety of colors and you can choose between 3 different materials. Use our online configurator here to design your custom covers.

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