The Nissan QashQai

The QashQai is Nissan’s cash car because they sell so many of them, wherever you go, you always see one. From the first glance, you can see why people really buy this car, it is really easy to get in to thanks to that raised driving position.

On the inside, the QashQai feels like a quality product, the materials are really nice, it all feels solid the way it’s bound together, although Nissan could have been a little more adventurous with the design. It has reasonable cubby spaces,  in the central armrest there are guides which you can use to thread the mobile phone charging cable through and overall the equipment levels are pretty good, but not as good as the Kia Sportage.

In the back there is more than enough leg and head room, it has some handy easy access ISOFIX fittings making it real easy to fit a child seat.  It feels roomy enough for 3 adults but it is not as spacious as the Hyundai Tucson and it is the same story with the booth.

It is  more spacious than a regular booth on a family hatchback ( like the VW Golf ) but the capacity is down compared to it’s main cross over rivals. There are many practical things that you can do such as storing the parcel shelf underneath the false floor,  and it is quite easy to fold down the rear seats just form the booth, this is how you get a nice flat load bay.

The interior customization is somehow limited, Nissan doesn’t have a wide variety of color schemes. If you wish to change the standard look of the interior of the car or you just want to protect the original seats, we here at Carseatcovers Albert have the solution for you!  Our seat covers look like upholstery when fitted, and they are fully customizable. View more covers that we have made for Nissan here .


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