The Volvo V40 hatchback

We all remember the days when you bought a Volvo in spite of and not because of the looks, Volvos were large and practical, they were boxy and practical, but then, Volvo discovered design and cars like the V40 arrived.

The Volvo V40 is one of the safest cars in the world and yet it is still practical and it also looks great particularly because of a few design tweaks, some touches added from some more expensive Volvo models , like the larger Volvo badge and headlights which it shares with the XC90 SUV , the V40 offers an up market alternative to the sensible VW Golf if the BMW, Audi or Mercedes badges aren’t your thing..

The interior is modeled Skandinavian style, it has an innovative and unusual center console, with a small cluster of buttons. The quality of the interior is like none other, it can give the Audi A3 a run for it’s money, there are also a lot of cubby spaces on the inside, with a big enough glove box and cup holders, the only thing that disappoints is the small door bins and the awkward position of the hand break.

The V40 is sold as a 5 seater, but you can really comfortably fit 4 adults in the car, the middle part of the seat being too small, it is more adequate for a child.  Given the fact that the seats on the side are wider, they are much more comfortable for your back which make it also good for bigger passengers.

Volvo does not offer a large variety of customizable seat options, but you are in luck! We at Albert premium offer fully customizable car seat covers that fit your seats so perfectly that they look more like upholstery when finished. Check out our designs for the V40 here.


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