The Vw Polo

The Vw Polo has been around for quite a while, we’ve seen it change over the years, keeping up with the latest trends.

The inside of the new Polo shows just this, it continues to show a sense of sophistication, with soft touch plastics all around the interior, offering a sense of quality , the steering wheel that feels lovely in your hands, and the glove box folds down very  slowly, it has plenty of cubby spaces making it practical as well. The infotainment system is simple, easy to use, smooth and very well thought out.

In the back, the rear doors open nice and wide, making it easy to get in. Once you’re  in you notice that space is quite tight even for super mini standards , the body is quite narrow so fitting 3 people in the back isn’t that easy, it is more recommended to have 2 passengers.

The booth capacity of the Polo is quite average for it’s class, but it is really useful, full of nice features, such as a really small load lift, also when the rear seats are folded down, they lie completely flat, it has multiple tethering points that help you to secure your luggage, making it overall a practical booth.

The interior comes very basic, but you can still change it after buying the car! We at Albert Premium make it possible to fully customize the design of your seats, you can choose the material and color combination that you want, from cloth to Alcantara – used in luxury cars – , if you design it, we can make it. Our custom seat covers look like upholstery when fitted, they come with an amazing 5 year warranty  and with a fitting time of only 1 and a half or 2 hours, you will minimize your vehicle downtime. You can make a configuration of colors and materials here.


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