The new Audi A5 Coupe


The Audi A5 is essentially an A4 only with stiffer suspension and a whole new design to make it stand out, there is a price to pay for these changes, the A5 costs on average about 2000 £ more than the equivalent A4 and it starts from just under 31.000 £.

On the inside it is identical to the A4, which is not a bad thing because the design is really nice, clean and simple, although not as flashy as a Mercedes C class coupe, but the quality is actually better, all the materials are lovely, they are robust, very well screwed together and it has interesting features as well, like it has the temperature settings for the climate control actually within the dials , it also has the best infotainment system you can buy .  It also ahs the option for the full digital display dashboard (Audi virtual cockpit) . It has large door bins and lots of cubby spaces in the front, which makes it practical.

If you want to get in the back you can just press a button on the front seat and it will slide forward automatically  and then return to the original position. Audi has made the new A5 wider and longer than the old one, hoping to improve the room in the back but it didn’t make a noticeable change for the hear room though. It is quite practical in the back as well, you can get the rear seats with a 3 way split allowing to lower the middle part in case you want to transport skis and you can also fold the chairs down as well.

The A5 has the largest booth in it’s class, it isn’t much smaller than the booth of the A4’s. There isn’t a big load lift, so you can get luggage in and out easily, It has some cubbies on the sides and a space saver spear wheel.

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