Ford Fiesta 2016

The Ford Fiesta has been one of the UK’s best selling cars for decades, due to it’s size and practicality , it is very easy to park with it in the cities and the fuel economy is better than average. The grill gives the car an Aston Martin look, giving it a touch of elegance.
Speaking of practicality, it has lost some of it’s practicality over time , the booth of the Fiesta isn’t quite as usable as you can might imagine, it has a huge load lift , a couple of hooks on the sides and other than some cubby spaces, it really doesn’t have much going on. With the back seats folded down it has a big ridge making it hard to push items in the back.
In the back, things aren’t going the best either, it has very little knee and head room, making it really snug to fit 3 adults there.
The exterior of the car stood the test of time really well, on the inside though , it didn’t do so well, the center console buttons seem to be modeled after a Nokia 3310 phone, and the infotainment system is really old fashioned compared to something you get from a Vw Polo. The materials used give the car a really cheap feeling.
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