The Citroen C3

Citroen was once famous for making innovative small cars , if you think about the 2 CV, it was totally groundbreaking back in the day , but all the small cars that have followed it since have gotten steadily less inspiring, however Citroen says that this new C3 is going to bring it back to its innovative best.
The new C3 is less than 4 meters long, which in car terms is quite short , which makes it easy to fit it into tight parking spaces yet it’s wider and lower than the old C3 to give it more squat purpose for stance . In the front you have the new Citroen light layout, where you’ve got the headlamps under the daytime running lamps, on the sides you get the airbump system like you get on the Cactus , 17 inch alloys come as standard.
The inside of the car is very stylized and it has a distinct theme running throughout it , rectangles. Sadly there are a lot of cheap plastics used on the interior, giving the car a cheap feel. The seats are similar to those of the Cactus, but they are better made.
In the back there is a bit of a problem, headroom is rather decent, but the legroom is a far cry from its rivals , you get the feel that the Vauxhall Corsa or the VW Polo is much more spacious in the back .
Being able to personalize your small car is obviously very important these days , and there is a fair degree of personalization available for the C3 , including 3 different interior trim color.
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