The Ford Ranger

When you first hear the word pick-up truck, you think of something terribly American, but they are becoming increasingly popular in Europe. There have been a handful of new models appearing over the years, and car manufacturers like Renault, Mercedes and Fiat want to enter the marketplace very soon and this is why Ford has updated its rugged Ranger.
The new model gets a more imposing front end, and it is equipped with a range of new technology and safety features , tweaked suspension and steering and a new interior .
In fact, the interior has had the biggest change of them all , because the dashboard is completely new, it looks like something from Ford’s SUVs and it feels high quality, especially for a pick-up truck. The version with the most available options is the Double cab version, and the highest trim level you can get is the Wildtrack. It has lots of practical cubby space in the front, with a pretty large glove box and a big space under the armrest .
The double cab version has can carry 5 people, with really good knee and head room in the back , with good sized cubby space in the doors and some pockets in the back seats. There is also a central armrest, which you can pull down to get 2 extra cup holders. You can also pull down the backrest , where you’ll find the tools and a first aid kit – Ford has really thought this true.
With a pick-up you don’t have the conventional booth like you do get in normal cars or SUVs. It has a huge flat bed which is average sized in its class, where you can carry about 1.200kgs .
The Ford Ranger is a very versatile vehicle, it can be used on construction sites, farms or even for day to day use. Whatever the purpose of the vehicle, it is always to have protection on the seats, this is why we recommend getting the best looking and best quality seat covers for your car currently on the market. Albert Premium offers an amazing 5 year warranty for the seat covers – which is about as much as you would get for a new car . You can find more information about our products here or you can directly choose to personalize you covers here.

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  1. mr kibble

    Can you provide seat covers for an 08ranger wildtrack ,if so what prices for the front two seats and the rear seat.
    I would also like to know what fabric choices there are if any .
    Current finish is leatherette and alcantara piped in orange

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