The Citroen C4 Cactus

The Citroen C4 Cactus is a hatchback that is trying to be a little bit different, in a way that it has the side air-bumps which are basically the automotive equivalent of bubble wrap which protect the car from little bangs and scrapes, it also makes the car stand out from the crowd. It has a stylish design, with front LED daylights and it only starts form around 12 000 £.
On the inside, the car is just as cool as on the outside, it has strap effects throughout the cabin which was designed to mimic luxury luggage, you can actually get the dash in 3 different colors, the upholstery in 10 different colors and it all does look rather cool, the only problem is that some of the materials feel a little bit cheap , the plastics on the doors for example or the plastics on the lower part of the dashboard feel all brittle and cheap. The seats are supposed to be comfy armchairs but they feel like they have been filled with old washing up sponges, they aren’t really supportive – as supportive as a bad parent. The truth is that the car is built down to a low price it is rather cheap , but the entry level model should be avoided , because it basically has no kit on it. You can find lots of brilliant cubby space inside the car so it also has a practical side to it,
In the back you can also find those cubby space, there is one big sofa-like bench seat in the back, where you can easily fit 3 adults, it has plenty of knee and head room. Citroen has kept everything nice and simple.
The trunk is smaller than the average in its class, but the main problem with it is the lack of flexibility , there is no false floor, there is a huge lift height to get things out of the trunk, and the rear seat is a single bench and when you fold the seats there will be a ridge, making things harder to slide in.
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