The new Mercedes A Class

The end of last year Mercedes gave it a facelift to keep it looking fresh, giving it some new bumper with bigger intakes, giving it a more aggressive look, some people like it, others don’t. Either way it is all about its design and of course the badge.
You don’t buy an A Class primarily because it’s practical , actually it is one of the least practical cars in its class . For starters, the back doors don’t open that wide . which makes it a bit trickier to get in and once you’re inside and shut the door you notice that the windows are quite small and that the sloping roof limits headroom , knee room is pretty decent . The car has exposed ISOFIX points which makes fitting child seats very easy . Though there is a hump in the floor, you can just about fit 3 adults in the back .
The A classes booth is somewhat smaller than its rivals and that limits what you can get into it, so does the fact that the opening is narrow so it can be a bit of a pain to load wider items, it does try to make up for these failings with some under floor storage, with a short load lift, various nets and some tether points and when you fold the seats down you get an almost flat space.
In the front it feels nice and sporty, at first when you look around you think that the interior has great quality, but then you notice some cheap plastics about the space which you wouldn’t expect in a Mercedes. The practicality is ok, you’ve got decent storage under the armrest, the door bins can hold larger items as well, a reasonable sized glove box comes in handy when you need to store things out of sight and equipment is generally ok.
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