The BMW 1 Series

The new BMW 1 series surely stands out from the rest of the available hot hatches not only because of its looks, but because of its rear wheel drive system. In fact, this model is to be the last with rear wheel drive , the next generation of BMW 1 series will be with front wheel drive like its main rivals, not only because it’s cheaper to make, this way it would get rid of something that has plagued the BMW 1 series ever since they launched it, small cabin space.
Space on the back seats is barely enough to comfortably fit 3 adults, there is a huge hump in the floor, where the prop shaft is , there is fairly enough knee and head room , the window are nice and big in the back ensuring a nice view for the back passengers. Soft touch plastics cover the doors, there is enough cubby space to hold middle sized bottles, you get ISOFIX child seat fixing points as well.
The space in the booth is reasonable, it’s enough to fit large bags, groceries, it’s enough for the average city dweller. You can find various tethering points, nets to hold smaller items. Once you fold the rear seats down, you will get a completely flat booth, allowing you to easily slide in luggage all the way to the front.
In the front it feels like a proper hot hatch, thanks to the dashboard and cabin layout it feels quite sporty, the cockpit is mostly covered with soft touch plastics that give it a quality feel. All models get climate control and satellite navigation system, the only thing that is needed and you won’t get it on the basic trim level Is the back parking sensors.
The BMW 1 series is a hit in some areas and a miss in others, but when it comes to driving, it really does excel ! The rear wheel drive system makes going around corners fun, all the power of the engine goes to the rear wheels ,further differentiating it from its rivals.
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