The new Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is the Japanese idea of a large SUV and the new 2017 model is just around the corner.
The Japanese car manufacturer had one thing in mind when making the CR-V, comfort. The new model‘s rear doors open to almost 90 degrees wide which makes it dead easy for people to get in and out of the car. In the back there is a lot of knee and head room, making the ride very comfortable for taller adults even if they choose the panoramic roof option. It is perfect for kids because of the large back windows and practical cubby space. The floor is completely flat and coupled with the width of the car makes it easy to fit 3 adults very comfortably in the back at once. The quality of the materials in the back is just as good as in the front, thus justifying its higher price compared to its rivals.
In the front , the soft touch plastics coupled with the interesting interior design give the car a quality feel, you can find that there is enough cubby space to hold around anything you’d probably need, on the high-end version you get just about all you need for a car this size, a reversing camera, a large touch screen center console with the Honda Connect entertainment system and navigation.
The Honda CR-V has got one of the biggest booths of its class, it has a lot of practical tethering points and nets , it even has space for a spare wheel! For more storage space you can just fold the back seats down from the back
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