The new Renault Megane

The new Renault Megane is on good looking car, it looks way better than the old model, it looks like a concept car with those eye-catching front headlights, that big grill in the front and the back is especially beautiful and it only starts at 18.000 £.

Despite the beautiful exterior, it’s interior is rather disappointing, it’s all a bit dark and plain, the material quality of the dashboard is good, but once you check the lower plastic panels, you realize that it’s just low quality plastic, that gives the car a cheap feeling. It has big door bins in the front , and other satisfactory cubby spaces.
The booth capacity is average, it has a huge load lift, making heavy bags difficult to get out of the trunk., and unfortunately you can’t raise the floor to make a flat booth area and there aren’t many useful tie-down hooks .
There is much more space on the back seats in the new Megane than in the old one, you can find lots of knee and head room , people over 6’ft will be fine, there is a wide middle seat for a third person, and if you are only two people in the back, you can just fold down the middle armrest and if you have small children, you can easily fit child seats because it has easy fix ISOFIX points .
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