The Jeep Cherokee

Jeep is a company with decades of heritage, a company that has a reputation for building tough off-roaders and just like Land Rover, it’s keen on showing  it’s past on the new Cherokee, it has the silhouette of the Willis Jeep on the front windscreen,  and when you step inside, you are reminded right away when the first Jeep was built by the “ since 1941” engraved in the steering wheel. Things have moved on since then, in fact this by far the most modern interior of any Jeep yet, standard kit is impressive too, with an automatic tailgate, dual zone climate control , digital radio and Bluetooth audio streaming all coming as standard.

The Cherokee has plenty of cubby space, also the door bins are big both in the front and in the back. Moving on to the booth , it’s slightly smaller than on it’s key rivals but it is not too much of a problem because the space is very usable, there is not much of a load lift and there are plenty of tether hooks ad you also get a full sized spare wheel. And if you are packing some extra luggage you can slide the back seats forward, or you can simply fold them down and that way you get nearly a perfectly flat space.

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