The Audi A6

It is quite hard to believe that this generation was actually first l launched at the beginning of the decade because it has really stood the test of time, the current model is due to replacement very soon but it still stands well against it’s rivals. The boot is only a couple of liters smaller than the new Mercedes E Class ,it is also very practical, square shaped, so it’s easy to pack it full of stuff, it has got handy tie down hooks, tethering nets, and also, as standard across the range you get  fold down rear seats that split 2 way.

When you are in the back of the A6 , there is sufficient room, decent knee room and great head room, the issue is when you are trying to fit 3 people in the back , the center seat is quite wide, but the center console gets in the way , the large transmission tunnel and the fact that the seat is quite high means that the A6 isn’t great with 3 people in the back.

The front of the A6, like the outside, has also stood the test of time very well, it still feels really up market,  there are a lot of nice styling accents in the cockpit and the quality is really strong , also standard equipment is really good, you will get Xenons , leather seats ,all around parking sensors , satellite navigation. The only downside is that the screen is starting to show it’s age, the display is a little bit low definition , the system isn’t as good as Audi’s latest system.

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