The BMW 5 series

The Bmw 5 series is a car that combines comfort with sportiness , it is the executive car that aims to please all the people , all of the time and that extends to the rear passengers , who are going to love it in the back because there is lots of knee room and absolutely acres of head room, but the slight problem it has is that there is not really as much room as in the new Mercedes E class , the passenger in the middle has less foot room .
In the front , whether you’re big or small , is really comfortable. The first thing that strikes you is the design, when you look around the cabin, you will not find a single cheap feeling plastic, that you would find in the E Class, it has plenty of storage room, you get satellite navigation, heated leather seats , climate control as standard on the SE model, also you get BMW’s iDrive system, which is the slickest system on the market .
It also has a decent sized booth with an overall capacity slightly less than an Audi A6, you have a very low load lift, it is a practical enough booth for most people.

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