The Mercedes GLE Coupe

It was BMW that started the SUV coupe shenanigans with the X6, and now Mercedes has finally jumped on the bandwagon with the GLE Coupe.
This car is based on the GLE and that is essentially the same as the old M class , with a different body , despite its swooping roof line, it is still a very practical car, the back seats are perfectly fine for adults, it has good knee and head room and it can comfortably fit 3 adults. The GLE Coupe is also good for carrying stuff as well as people. If you fold the back seats, they will lie completely flat, automatic tailgate comes as standard, it has loads of under floor storage. In car storage is good too, it has big door bins, cup holders and practical storage spaces in the front.

Up front, the GLE Coupe is a smart thing to sit in, it feels solidly built with high quality materials. You get the standard Mercedes tablet screen, it is very easy to use and connectable to the interned. Leather seats come as standard, all the adjustments are electric. The panoramic sunroof and the entertainment system on the back seats come as extras .

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