The Toyota Prius Hybrid

The Toyota Prius seemed so futuristic when it launched back in 1997, but over time with 3.5 million in sales added to its name, the Prius became a familiar sight in cities around the world.
The new Prius has a new design, with vertical rear lights and sharp intersecting linesand the interior is smart and simple. A centrally mounted, full-colour driver’s information screen features modern graphics and is clearer and easier to read than those in previous Prius models. Rather strangely, the controls for the heated seats are hidden behind the central fascia, but other than that the layout is intuitive. Toyota’s Touch 2 touchscreen is simple to use, and although it’s not the best in class it’s better than most. While the buttons on the dash are touch-sensitive, they need a firm prod to work properly. All models in the Prius range apart from the entry-level version benefit from tactile, soft-touch plastics, but it’s still no match for the likes of the VW Golf GTE.
Leg room is impressive no matter where you sit in the fourth-generation Prius, but anyone over six feet tall will need to slump slightly in the rear seats to avoid rubbing their head on the roof. Access to the rear seats is good, though, thanks to wide-opening rear doors.

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