The Jeep Renegade

Jeep with all it’s off-road heritage has never had a compact cross over before, at least not until now. The Renegade is the first compact cross-over that aims to be the first proper SUV in its class.
It has the typical Jeep characteristics, the 7 slot grill that has appeared in every Jeep since the 1940s, there is plenty of ground clearance and a rough and tough stance. But under the skin it is not actually a jeep, it is made and styled in the same factory where the Fiat 500X is made. It is the first Jeep that is produced outside North America. All trim levels come with air conditioning, Bluetooth, 6 airbags and a large touch screen in the middle. Soft-touch plastics are used for the main dashboard panel, but lower down the cabin, harder materials reduce perceived quality.
Keen-eyed experts will spot clues that Jeep is now owned by Fiat, such as the steering wheel from a Fiat Panda. The Jeep also features some of Fiat’s ‘squircle’ shapes inside, although these cute details are somewhat at odds with the rugged exterior.
The Renegade‘s boxy looks might not appeal to everyone, but they make for a big cabin. In the front, there’s a generous amount of shoulder and headroom and that goes for the back seat, too. In reality, the rear bench is better suited to carrying two adults than three (due to the smaller middle seat) and it’s also quite tight on knee room. That’s especially true if there’s a tall adult sitting up front.
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