The Honda HR-V

Compact crossovers are what buyers are looking for right now, so it’s no surprise that Honda came up with the small and stylish HRV.

While it looks compact and coupe-like on the outside, it has lots of room on the inside, there is just stacks of space and everything is all nicely laid out, there are lots of adjustments on the seats and on the steering wheel. The storage spaces are really handy and practical, the layout on the inside is very clean, simple and modern. Everything is controlled from one central panel that is right there at the drivers fingertips. The entry level model comes with alloy wheels, air conditioning, cruise control, Bluetooth , an entertainment system with DAB radio .

Back seat passengers get a lot of room there is lots of leg room and head room. You get 2 ISOFIX fixing points on the two side seats, the Honda seats just flip up and that way you get a huge loading area. When the HR-V’s seats are folded completely flat, total volume expands to 1,026 litres. That’s considerably less than a Qashqai, which offers 1,585 litres with the seats dropped. At least the Honda’s boot lip is pretty low, so getting awkwardly shaped or bulky items inside should be a bit difficult.

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