The New 2015 Škoda Superb

The appearance of the car has been completely transformed. Crisper and bolder lines flow right from the front to the rear of the vehicle. The headlights are sharper as well, and the design of the rear lights emphasize the rear of this model.

The overall length of the car has only grown by 3 cm. However, the extended wheelbase (8 cm longer) makes riding in the back an absolute pleasure for the passengers: it has the best leg space in class, separate climate control and if you connect an iPad to it, you can even control the Infotainment system and the satellite navigation.

The Skoda Superb is very stable on the road, comfortable and spacious. It has a variety of driving modes so you can choose between comfortable, economic or sporty, for example. It has 25 optional driver assist systems.

The engines are available from 1.4 to 2 litres in petrol, producing between 125 to 220 brake horsepower. The Diesel engines are available from 1.6 to 2 litres, producing between 120 and 190 brake horsepower.

The interior is not only spacious and well-made, it also comes with a lot of clever features. For example, you can fit a 1.5 litre bottle in each one of the 4 doors and the central console is large enough to fit an iPad. The spacious feel of the car is continued throughout the entire vehicle. Thus, the boot can hold 625 litres with the seats upright and it can be opened if you approach it with the key in your pocket and swipe your foot underneath the car.

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