The New Volkswagen Passat B8

This 8th generation model is very similar to the 7th generation. However, it is completely different underneath and supposedly different from the outside.

The most important changes are invisible to the naked eye. The new Volkswagen Passat comes with a long list of systems aiding the driver. Debuting in this model are the City Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Monitoring, Trailer Assist, Traffic Assist and Emergency Assist.

The new Passat can also be specified with an optional panoramic display in front of the driver and a head-up  display. Under the bonnet there is a range of new engines which use up to 20% less fuel than the power trains they are replacing.  Better fuel economy is achieved partially due to the lower mass of the car : up to 85 kg less than in the previous model. From the outside, the B8 dimensions are similar to the B7 but the wheelbase is 8 cm longer.

The car is slightly lower than its predecessor, but there is still plenty of headroom. There is enough space in the back thanks to the longer wheelbase. The climate control, heated seats, the new navigation system, the touchscreen display, the multiple assistance systems and all the other options make the Passat B8 a good competitor for a car like Audi A4 for example, thus being a Premium model.

It is very important to have the interior of this car protected as well, since it has been designed for business people, who use it a lot more. This is why the Albert Premium Seat Covers are the best choice when it comes to high-quality protection for the seats.

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