Audi presents a new design for its Q3 crossover

Despite crossing its first auto show stage four years ago, the Q3 remains a handsome little bugger. Audi’s designs, while conservative, tend to better themselves in time, and the compact Q3 is no exception.
Due to its age, the Q3 was, fortunately, designed before the current A3 hit the market. That means it opens for a more traditional Audi design, with a strip of brushed aluminum on the passenger’s side as well as a nav screen front and center. While the layout remains attractive, the material quality is not necessarily at its best

There’s nothing that feels exceedingly cheap.  It’s difficult to describe, but as soon as you climb in the Q3, things like the switchgear for the HVAC controls immediately remind you that this is a vehicle that’s been on sale since 2011.


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